Frequently Asked Questions2021-12-13T15:05:49-05:00

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the qualifications to be included in the database?2023-07-02T20:18:02-04:00

In order to be included in the database, an item must meet at least one of the following qualifications:

  • Officially licensed merchandise
  • Promo material produced by or in conjunction with MCA Universal for official use
  • Official items produced for internal/specific purposes but produced in multiple quantities (for example, original 35mm reels)
  • Published works of media directly related to Back to the Future

The following are examples of types of items that do not currently qualify for inclusion:

  • Custom unlicensed art and merchandise
  • Screen used items acquired by fans
  • Non-BTTF branded merchandise that is only vaguely related (for example, stock DeLorean merchandise)
  • Movie prop list (Planned for inclusion in the future)
Where can I buy the stuff I see on this site?2022-03-17T18:03:57-04:00

If you are looking to purchase Back to the Future merchandise, our first recommendation is to always check out the official Back to the Future store at You can feel good knowing that your order will be handled with care from start to finish and that your purchase helps continue to support our fan community.

For items not available from the official Back to the Future store, we recommend purchasing through a reputable distributor. Also, many items have been and continue to get released as exclusives through specific retailers or the manufacturers themselves. We will try to make this apparent when possible.

Although a vast amount of the items featured here are no longer produced or available for sale directly, items of varying rarity pop up on reseller sites such as eBay regularly. So be sure to setup alerts for the types of things you’re searching for.

Got a specific item in mind? Although we cannot guarantee that we can get it into your hands, feel free to contact us at any time and we will see if we can provide some guidance on how and where to obtain it.

How do I let you know about an item missing from the database?2021-10-20T12:19:03-04:00

If you have or know of an item that qualifies for the database, please submit it to us for review.

I make custom BTTF items. Can they be added to the database?2021-10-20T15:41:14-04:00

First off, we’re sure that your BTTF inspired art, prop replica, or merch is awesome! Although we would love to help show off everyone’s custom pieces, we can only list items that meet the database qualifications.

If your custom Back to the Future items are a part of your collection that you’d love to show off, consider sending some pics to us for possible inclusion in our Community Showcase.

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