Harvey Comics – Back to the Future #04 – “Retired” (Direct Edition)

Harvey Comics – Back to the Future #04 – “Retired” (Direct Edition)

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Based on the animated series episode #12, of the same name

Released June 1992

“Jules and Verne perpetrate April Fool’s Day pranks on their father, including sabotaging his Brain Wave Analyzer to make him think his brain is full to capacity. A panicked Doc retires from science and pursues jobs in which he won’t need to think, such as parking cars and preparing pizzas, then travels to the Cro-Magnon period to avoid science entirely. After Marty nearly destroys Hill Valley with catastrophic storms while trying to create special effects at his band’s concert, the boys confess their prank and Doc uses his know-how to stem the danger.”

Writer: Dwayne McDuffie (Based on script by Payton Reed & Mark Cowen)
Cover Artist: Gil Kane
Penciler/Inker/Coloring: Nelson Dewey

Image and Info Credit: The Malty Gamer

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