Harvey Comics – Back to the Future #03 – “Roman Holiday” (Newsstand Edition)

Harvey Comics – Back to the Future #03 – “Roman Holiday” (Newsstand Edition)

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Based on the animated series episode #5, of the same name

Released March 1992

“Doc and Marty visit ancient Rome, with Jules and Verne stowing away in the DeLorean. Marty insults gladiator Bifficus Antanneny and must face him in a chariot race, but lets the soldier lose, knowing that this must happen in order for Caligula to become the next Emperor. Doc is mistaken for a rebellious slave and sentenced to be fed to lions, but uses a holographic device to escape, while the boys befriend slave Judah Ben-Hur (yes, Charlton Heston’s fictional character from the 1959 biblical epic film).”

Writer: Dwayne McDuffie (Based on script by Mark & Michael Klastorin)
Cover Artist: Gil Kane
Penciler/Inker/Coloring: Nelson Dewey

Image and Info Credit: The Malty Gamer

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