Time Machine Restoration Team – Radioactive Patch

Time Machine Restoration Team – Radioactive Patch

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These amazing patches are a 1:1 studio scale prop replica of the actual Radioactive Warning Label from Doc Brown’s Stolen Plutonium Case!  This beautiful 100% embroidered souvenir patch measures 3½” on each flat side and just under 5″ from corner to corner, exactly the same size as the real Radioactive labels from the original movie prop. To make these patches even *more* awesome, these patches were embroidered using GLOW-IN-THE-DARK white thread!  These edgy TMR patches should serve as a reminder that time travel is a hazardous business! Plutonium isn’t a baby’s toy like Wild Gunman… and it’s all fun and games until you erase your own existence!

This is an official patch of Bob Gale‘s Time Machine Restoration team which is performing a museum-quality restoration on the original hero “A” DeLorean used in all three Back to the Future films. The patches will be strictly limited to 450 worldwide.

Restoration documented in OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine.

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